Artistic Dance Exchange (ADE) Convention is quickly approaching! ADE is our only required outside convention for the 2018-2019 season. Here are some details:

  • When: January 25th-27th

  • Where: Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul, 3800 American Blvd E |Bloomington, MN | 55425

ADE is a requirement for our Petite Elite, Junior, Teen, Teen Elite, Senior/Senior Elite Teams and has been included in your monthly fees. For some of you, this will be your dancer's first convention experience. Here is some helpful information.

  • ADE will give a detailed schedule 7 days prior, which will give an exact start and end time. We will email that out as soon as it becomes available to us.

  • Typically, the workshop portion of the convention takes place all day Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes a convention will offer optional Friday night classes. Once the schedule comes out from ADE we will know if that option is available.

  • Classes normally begin around 7:30 am and could run until 4:00 pm each day.

  • Dancers will participate in all styles over the two days and often include tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater, hip-hop, or jazz funk.

  • Parents can purchase a weekend wristband from ADE to observe classes. The weekend wrist band price is typically $40-$45 and can be purchased on site. This is entirely optional. If you choose to observe classes, we ask that you represent MDA with respect to the learning environment and remain quiet in the ballrooms. Please, no talking and make sure your cell phone is on silent. Do not call your child over to you during classes or when they are on the side waiting for their group. Between classes is the only appropriate time for you and your child to communicate. Please communicate this with your child. Please also note that while you may enjoy watching your child in a class, if it distracts them from learning or participating it may be best that you are not in the room at all times. Please discuss this with your child prior to the weekend.

  • Classes run back to back and there are only a few minutes between classes. If your dancer needs to use the bathroom, please tell them not to ask the teacher, they are expected to just go if they have to go. Between classes is the best time to go, but if during class is necessary, they may. If they need water, they can have water when standing off to the side during class or between breaks. Snacks should only be eaten between classes.

  • There is a scheduled lunch break.

  • Dancers wearing crop tops are asked to put on a shirt when outside the ballrooms.


  • Bring all dance shoes including tennis shoes for Hip Hop.

  • Water bottle.

  • Easy bite-size snacks that they grab quickly between styles to take a few bites.

  • Pack a lunch. Dancers will be given a dedicated lunchtime. There is normally not enough time to leave and go to a restaurant for lunch.


  • Please wear proper dance attire geared towards a lyrical or jazz class. This can be leggings or bootie shorts with a proper form-fitting dance top or leotard. During ballet, students are not required to wear leotard and tights, however, their attire needs to be tight and form-fitting for ballet. No bralettes are allowed to be visible under your dance clothes.

  • Hip-Hop: Remember tennis shoes! Dancers can bring baggy pants or tops to put on over their dance clothes for hip-hop.

  • Dance shoes appropriate for the style being taught.

  • Hair should be pulled back neatly into a mid to high pony or a bun placed low or high.


  • Some conventions have an audition process. That may or may not be the case with ADE. The audition process is not something to be nervous about and is simply an experience and part of their classes. If an audition is part of the weekend curriculum, MDA students are required to participate. Typically, a combination is taught and the dancers perform the piece in small groups. This is a time for dancers to gain experience in what an audition process is all about. As dancers get older, they may have opportunities to audition for things outside of MDA. In the past, several MDA dancers have auditioned in the dance community for professional companies, ballet intensives, Super Bowl, Minnesota Timberwolves Pups Hip Hop team, and college dance teams. The experience they get in convention auditions has helped prepare them for these situations. The process also helps build confidence dancers can draw upon outside of dance in areas such as speaking in front of their classes at school, giving reports, leadership roles, or future job interviews.

  • Parents are not allowed in the room during this class per convention rules.

  • Parents are not required to stay at the convention during the day. MDA staff will be on site and observe rooms throughout the day. You are welcomed to drop off and come back for lunch or at the end of the day or work with other parents regarding additional supervision. We expect all dancers to stay in the room at all times with the exception of using the bathroom and during lunch.

  • If you have any additional questions, please let us know. Conventions are a fun experience where dancers receive exceptional dance training with outside teachers and choreographers in furtherance of their dance education. Our goal is to make this a fun learning experience.


All MDA dancers are invited to learn a routine on Friday night set by one of the ADE faculty members. THIS PROGRAM IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL AND DOES REQUIRE AN ADDITIONAL FEE. The routine will be the performed in the Closing Show on Sunday afternoon. Space is limited. This is a great opportunity for dancers to learn from dancer professionals in a smaller/intimate setting. All ages and levels are invited to participate. Attendance at additional practices throughout the weekend will be mandatory.

  • Performance: ADE Closing Show – Sunday

  • Fee: $47. Space is limited.

  • Tentative Stage Workshop rehearsal schedule is as follows:

  • Friday 7-8:30 pm Rehearsal

  • Saturday 2:30-4 pm Rehearsal

  • Sunday 7-7:30 am Tech Rehearsal

  • Sunday 4pm-4:30 pm Closing Show

  • Workshop rehearsals will be incorporated into the weekend schedule that will be sent a week before the event. Rehearsal times are subject to change

  • Costumes: Please bring all black contemporary options, as well as red and black hip-hop inspired clothing. Be prepared for both styles!

  • If your dancer is interested in participating in the ADE Stage Workshop Performance, please register online through your parent portal.