Dress Rehearsal Information

  • Dress Rehearsal Schedule

  • Friday, May 17th at Jordan High School Auditorium

  • Please arrive at the “arrival time” listed on the schedule.

  • Please arrive dressed and ready in your first costume.

    • There will be a small dressing room available backstage for dancers that are in more than 1 routine and need to change into additional costumes.

  • Dress Rehearsal will be a closed rehearsal. Only class supervisors will be allowed in the auditorium, once the rehearsal starts (sign up here!).

  • When you arrive, class volunteers will be in the lobby. Please check in with your child’s class volunteer. Once all students from the class have arrived, the volunteer will take them into the auditorium to watch, until it is their time to rehearse.

  • You can plan to pick your child up 15 minutes after their scheduled time.

Friday, May 17th Dress Rehearsal Schedule

dress Rehearsal Schedule.PNG