Spring Showcase Volunteers

There are a number of volunteer opportunities available at each show. Please check the sign up link for all opportunities.

Dress Rehearsal Volunteer Sign Up

Spring Showcase Volunteer Sign-Up

Volunteer Positions:

Class Supervisors-

Each year at our Spring Showcase we seek to make the backstage experience for our dancers of all ages as positive, safe, and enjoyable as possible. 

In order to do this, we need parent & older student helpers to volunteer as Class Supervisors which help in assisting with bathroom visits, keeping the class together, and getting the dancers ready when it is their turn to perform.  You will also be with the class to escort them to and from the stage.

It is a delight and lots of fun to be backstage with the children.  There is another kind of show behind the scenes!  

You will be with the children from your child's class for the entire time of the show and be in the wings while they perform so you see them up close and personal! It is fun and rewarding to volunteer your time and efforts to the backstage team. We prefer a minimum of two volunteers per class.

Class Supervisors do not need to buy a ticket to the performance they are volunteering at.

Ticket Sales

Please arrive 45 minutes before the show to set up the table and become familiar with the tickets and seating chart.  In addition to working with tickets, you will also pass out work materials to those who have volunteered as a Class Supervisor in the gym. When you are done helping with tickets, please turn in remaining tickets and money to MDA staff.


Arrive 45 minutes prior to show starting to familiarize yourself with sale products. Help in the sale of cookies, juice and store items before the show, 10 minutes prior to intermission and after the show. 


Please arrive 45 minutes before the show to become familiar with the seating in the auditorium. Please welcome all audience members as they enter with a smile and friendly “hello!” Help guests find their seats and assist with any seating concerns. When the show begins, you are done with your duties. 

Door Monitor

Arrive 30 minutes prior to show starting. You will hand out programs.  There are 4 performances, so make sure you are handing out the correct programs at each show. You will remain for the entire show making sure that the door is closed during performances and is opened at directed times.  Please monitor people that are coming in/out to assure they have their ticket on them to get in. 

Door Monitors do not need to buy a ticket to the performance they are volunteering at.

THANK YOU for helping us create a safe and happy environment for the dancers and guests!

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