studio HOURS: monday-Thursday | 5:30-8:00pm



  Saturdays, Starting January 7th               

11:15am-12pm     Ages: 3-5 years old     Cost: $65

This 6 week session is a great introductory class for the first time dancer to get acclimated to dance class!

Contact the Studio to register- 952-445-2330 or


Shakopee-based dance studio committed to TRAINING well-rounded dancers; building the self-esteem & confidence of each individual.

We realize that we have a unique opportunity to influence the lives of those students who walk into our classroom. You and your child will benefit from our caring compassionate, qualified teachers. Our dedication and long-standing commitment to every dancer inspires students to be the best they can be. All classes are filled with enthusiastic teachers and assistants that make your child's dance experience positive.